The Perils of Not Squaring Up

Or The Perils of Taking Two Years to Finish a Quilt

Or Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Or something like that.


Well, here you can see that I finished the quilt from the Quilty Fun sew along (hosted by Fat Quarter Shop and based on the book Quilty Fun by Lori Holt), which I started about two years ago. I loved the colors and the scrappy mix of fabrics that I used, so I had fun sewing with them. But this quilt was not without its problems. Just when you think you’re improving, you do something that makes you wonder.


The patterns for these blocks use a lot of half-square triangles to form their shapes. And half-square triangles can easily get out of shape. This pattern doesn’t give much (or any!) excess for squaring up misshapen blocks (which is what I usually like to do with half-square triangles. But I didn’t know that when I started. Otherwise I might have adjusted the measurements). So after trying a few, and finding I couldn’t do much to help them, I just stopped trying. No trimming, no tiding up. As we all know, the little mistakes add up in quilting. By the time I got the whole thing together, it was so. not. flat. Basting it was sad, and I almost gave up. Should I waste four yards of backing for something that is going to be a wrinkled mess? I know we can all be critical of ourselves, but this was the worst I’d done.

I decided to go ahead, finish it off. I quilted loops (again!), but not so densely, so some of the excess fabric just moves a little. But there are some ugly spots, too.


You can kind of see some of the problems in the picture above. I have to say, I had a hard time getting clear photos of this quilt in the wild. There’s a glare or something. It’s as if the quilt itself did not want to show off its own flaws. Oh-ho, can’t argue with that. (Surely, it has nothing to do with my photo skills…).


I used a favorite Lizzy House fabric for the binding. It is the perfect red. I wonder if I could get more. And! Fun strawberries on the back.


The quilt is a big throw, finishing at around 68″ square, which is big enough for the quilt handler to start complaining about his arms after about five seconds. Sadly, I couldn’t help him. It’s beyond my wingspan.

USA_7309It’s not as bad as I feared at certain stages along the way, and it is kind of pretty, but I don’t think I would give this to anyone. So. Another quilt hanging around the house.

This is the third finish off my finish-a-long FAL Q2 list. Yahoo!


5 thoughts on “The Perils of Not Squaring Up

  1. It’s still very lovely, and I’ve yet to make a perfect quilt. Which is kind of a relief, I think I’d be afraid to use a ‘perfect’ quilt. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on a finish! My 3 finished Quilty Fun blocks got shelved due to life and I haven’t been back to that project since. I had the same problem as you did with not enough block fabric to square it up so I am glad it wasn’t just me. Since then, I’ve learned to use a scant 1/4″ seam allowance and square as I go. I should find my book again and sew some more of those blocks. Karen

  3. This quilt looks fantastic. It’s totally one of those situations where only you would know or notice – it looks just perfectly lovely to me! Thanks so much for participating in the Finish-A-Long, on behalf of all of the hosts!

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