Boxy Pouch in Fun Colors


IMG_2197I haven’t made anything for…I don’t know how long. But today I used some of the little stacks of fabric I had gathered a few weeks ago to make this little guy — a little boxy pouch. IMG_2191

I used the boxy bag tutorial at Kelby Sews. It turned out a tiny bit smaller than it should be…um, math problems I guess. But tinier is cuter, I think! This tutorial is simple in that it has exposed seams inside that you are just supposed to zigzag over. This is something we cannot do here at this house (spitting needle bits!), so next time I need to try a different method. Pity. This one is fast (if you’re not doing patchwork and, you know, math).


The inside is a favorite seed catalog fabric.


And the metal heart zipper…love.



4 thoughts on “Boxy Pouch in Fun Colors

  1. Love your heart zipper pull. Where did that come from? I love the patchwork effect on the bag, more interesting than just one fabric and no-one will ever know it’s smaller than it’s meant to be, except of course that you’ve blogged about it – your secrets safe with us 😉

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