Noodlehead Runaround Bags

The end of June is so sneaky! Here it is, June 30 already. That means it is time for finishing up the Finish Along second quarter goals. Thanks to the Finish Along, I have squeezed out a couple last minute finished that would otherwise still be languishing in the pile. Today: two Runaround Bags (Noodlehead pattern).

IMG_2259These are said to be beginner friendly, and I think they are. They are very forgiving. I’ve made some mistakes, but the pattern is cute, and I think I could make a nice one now that I’ve done it twice. But probably I will try another bag pattern instead.


These both feature Cotton + Steel fabrics.


The child is modeling them messenger bag style, but really they are handbags for adults.


This one is totally reversible because I messed up cutting the lining and then couldn’t put in a zipper pocket or magnet clasp. But then you get to see the fun little characters hiding in there.


This is the fourth finish on my Finish Along second quarter list.


4 thoughts on “Noodlehead Runaround Bags

  1. These look great! I especially love the viewfinder one. For bags, I’ve only made small zipper pouches and drawstring bags. I’d like to try something bigger. Maybe this would be a good one to try!

  2. Ooo! I haven’t seen these before. Love Noodlehead patterns, so I’ll have a peek. Congratulations on beautiful finishes! On behalf of the FAL hosts, thanks for playing along!

    Hi to your model! She’s very cute πŸ™‚

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