Starry Red Quilt – Finally Finished

I’ve finished my parents’ Christmas present…for 2013. I think. Possibly earlier. Anyway.USA_7734

This is also the last finish on my FAL Q2 list. Yay!


This is a big quilt, finishing at about 78″ by 86″. (As you can see, we had trouble holding it up for a photo.) It is different putting a big quilt through the machine for quilting. I’ve got some work to do in getting used to these big ones. Or possibly I will stick to baby quilts. We’ll see.USA_7737

Notice there is no pink here. This fabric is by French General, who specialize in French reproductions. The pattern, Lumiere de Noel, is also by French General. This style and fabric are different from what I usually use, but I like it more now that it is finished. I also thought the flower motif on the backing was especially sweet (and, hey, the thread I used blends in perfectly!).

Next time I make my parents a quilt, it is going to be pink. Or turquoise. Or rainbow. Look forward to it!


The other things I finished this quarter were:

the pink chick quilt,


the sea creatures baby quilt,


the quilty fun quilt,


 and the runaround bags. You’ve seen them all already.


So. that’s 5 out of 8 items completed. Better than last quarter’s 1 of 4, right?

Linking up with the FAL Q2 linky. (Here’s my original post on Q2 goals).


11 thoughts on “Starry Red Quilt – Finally Finished

  1. Huge improvement in “finish” statistics! 🙂 I am a lover of red so naturally, I think your parent’s Christmas gift is outstanding!! That backing is adorable!

  2. This is a stuning quilt! Congratulations on this and your other finishes and thanks for joining 2016FAL on behalf of your team of hosts

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