(Nearly) No-sew Summer Vacation

I haven’t posted much this summer because I’ve been off watching the sunset. And chasing fireflies. And splashing in the waves, looking for stones at the beach, and finding lots of ice cream shops. And eating s’mores with old friends, just like it was 1994 and nothing had happened in between.


I didn’t sew much. Just a bit, like the block-a-day. Here’s one that I like:


And to be honest, I recently had a kind of odd, off feeling towards quilting. Not sure quite what was. But…I needed a break. I still feel that, while I’m ready to get back to making things, I might need a longer break from social media and the Internet in general. There are just so many things. I’m easily overwhelmed and distracted, and I feel a need for some space to just focus on what I am making and thinking without regard to anything else. Maybe. I’m still thinking about it.


Anyway, in other news — there is a blog hop next week featuring Cloud9’s Cirrus Solids (in the pretty colors pictured above). You’ll find tutorials for some 70 blocks along the way. You can find all the information by visiting hosts Quilting Jetgirl, Meadowmist Designs, or Late Night Quilter. I will be sharing my block on September 14. It should be interesting, since I generally don’t do this type of thing!

2 thoughts on “(Nearly) No-sew Summer Vacation

  1. Breaks from social media can certainly help a person refocus. I’m working on my Cloud9 tutorial and it is an interesting process, both because I’ve never done this before and because I rarely use patterns! Looking forward to seeing your block!

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