Pixie Baskets (a finish!)


Hello friends! I am sure you have all been waiting to see if I would finish anything off my third quarter Finish-a-long list (I know I have be wondering about that). Well, I do have one thing to share with you today: pixie baskets!


Shortly after Heidi at Fabricmutt posted her tutorial for these adorable pixie baskets, I cut out four of them. And then did nothing with them. Even though they looked like they should have been a quick and easy project, I added them to this quarters FAL list for a little added motivation. Apparently I can procrastinate even a quick project!


These are, in fact, quick, cute and fun to make. My kids were claiming them even before they had taken shape, stuffing their toys into the half-made pieces.


They will surely be put to good use.


This is the first finish from my FAL Q3 list of hope-to-finishes.

Linking up to the finish-a-long.…lots of people finishing lots of things. Special thanks to the hosts for their encouragement!





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