Finish-a-long Quarter 4 Goals

Can you believe it we’re already down to the last few months of the year?

I’m going to share some interesting and new things here real soon, but first, a plan for the rest of the year.

You might think someone who had only the smallest finish in the last quarter might be tempted to give up on hopes of finishing things at this time of year. Well. I had that thought. But I also have something like 20 more projects I’d like to finish this year, so I thought, why not make a list? I’ll spare you – I’m just going to officially give a few:

  1. Bear paw (top and back are ready for quilting)IMG_2011
  2. Linen quilt (colorful strips are ready to go in the middle, shouldn’t take long now)USA_7749
  3. Little girl’s birthday quilt (most of the blocks are done) USA_7750
  4. Son’s birthday quilt (no progress since last we met) USA_7753
  5. Friend’s quilt (no progress here either)IMG_1538

Yes, all of them were on the list last time around. There has been progress on some, and so, I’m hopeful we may see these finished by the end of the year! It would be nice not to have any WIPS going into 2017…

Sometime I’ll show you the hilarious pile of fabric I thought I could use up by the end of the year. It’s like I think I’m a machine.

Linking up to the Finish-a-long.


2 thoughts on “Finish-a-long Quarter 4 Goals

  1. Not a machine…just ever hopeful and full of ideas like all the rest of us quilters. I always have such big plans and then I’m constantly amazed at how slow I progress on my projects. Oh well. It’s always relaxing and nourishing to get some quilting time, no matter how little I get accomplished.

  2. I always over estimate what I think I can get done, then life happens 🙂 Good luck with your projects this quarter, I think this seems like a very attainable list.

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