The Bear Paw Quilt is Finished

You heard that right, folks, the bear paw quilt is finally finished.


For the most part, I like it! I don’t love the look of the white thread on the black areas, but I’m not up to doing different types of quilting motifs here and there. Maybe that can be next year’s goal.

I originally planned to do some straight line quilting echoing the shapes more, but as it happened I got a little nervous when I found that some of the white sections on the edges were a little ripply before quilting. I am not sure if it is just that they have a long bias cut edge or if I made a cutting mistake, but either way, straight line quilting is not that forgiving. That’s why I went with an all-over loop — and the ripples went away for the most part.


It’s funny, I’ve been seeing a lot of bear paws around lately. Have you? I didn’t use a pattern for the layout and finishing, but I used these cutting instructions for the 14″ bear paw blocks. I recently noticed Fat Quarter Shop has a pattern for a similar quilt with the blocks set on point, but I didn’t look into it, so I don’t know what size blocks that pattern includes. This quilt finishes at about 72″ square.


I went with my daughter’s class on a field trip to this pumpkin patch and I thought it would be a great place to photograph a quilt, if there weren’t 100 small kids running through the pumpkins. Fortunately, when we went there yesterday, there were only about six people there (for about 15 minutes anyway)! Amazing! Unfortunately, it was windy and hard to get any good photos. And I don’t know how to edit photos, or there would be certain background details I would remove from some of the pics *ahem*.


This quilt is for a friend of mine who requested a black bear quilt. I couldn’t find anything interesting with bears at the time I started it, which is why I went with the black bear paw, but later I came across several patterns for bears. So the back features a bear with a row of patchwork. This bear is a scrappy appliqué: you fuse a bunch of pieces of fabric together, zigzag around the edges, cut out the bear shape, and then appliqué it onto the quilt. I used a pattern by Shannon Brinkley – this is her medium sized wandering bear. I kind of love this back and would not mind having a similar one on my own bed! The blue fabric is a Carolyn Friedlander ‘widescreen’ wide back.


The worst bit of quilting fell on the bear, poor thing. It took a while to get back into the quilting groove. I should not go so long before finishing my next project. The fall colors are encouragement to get some more quilts finished!


This is the first finish off my Q4 Finish-a-long goal list, found here.


6 thoughts on “The Bear Paw Quilt is Finished

  1. I love the way that both sides of the quilt interpret the black bear theme differently. Great location for the photo shoot! Isn’t it amazing how there are always some things in the background that we don’t notice when we are taking the photos? 😉

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