Looking to 2017

What to do in 2017?? It’s almost here! Let’s make some plans!

I loooove making plans. I don’t always love carrying them out.

In the past, I’ve found myself planning too many things. I take a look at the calendar for the new year and start cramming in all the things I hope I can do in the coming year. I ask myself to finish at least one project every week, even though I really only have time to finish one project every month. It doesn’t happen.

So this year, I’ve decided to just give myself the goal of one project a month, and if I finish that thing, then the rest of the month will be free to play around with the new things that are always popping up.

I will admit that this is not easy, and I have already tried to squeeze seven or eight things into January’s schedule. But January always feels like a time to clear the slate for the rest of the year, so I do want to get a few nearly-finished things done and then move on to new things. So after January: one project a month.

And a second thing is to blog at least twice a month, including more progress posts, not just finishes.

And the other thing….I hate to say it….to make it real…will be a fabric diet. A fabric fast. No buying of fabric. I have a lot of fabric, let’s just put it that way, so there is no need for any more this year. (However, if anyone wants to give me fabric for my birthday, that will not count! The point is that I will not spend money on fabric this year.) I might need to replenish my supplies of white fabric, but other than that….no fabric this year.

I’m linking up with Quilting Jetgirl’s 2017 Planning linky party, as 2016 winds down. Can’t wait to see what you’re all up to in 2017.



3 thoughts on “Looking to 2017

  1. I think that having a strict “no new fabric” rule wouldn’t work for me, but allowing myself backings and key yardage like white has been a good way for me to be more considerate about my purchases, if that is a thing. I know what you mean about trying to “clear the slate” and ending up piling almost too much on myself, so I hope that you can work through your backlog and then have a fresh and fun approach to quilting in 2017. Thank you for sharing your goals, linking up, and Happy New Year!

  2. It sounds like you have a realistic approach towards creating in the new year. Not sure about the fabric diet part, that sounds hard, but I am trying to be very selective about my purchases. If you get desperate for something new, give a shout and we can send a care package!

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