Enough Hibernation Already!

Most winters, I feel a little like hibernating, but this year, I think I actually did hibernate. Am I in fact a quilty chipmunk or a turtle? Hmm. And what a long hibernation it was. The winter seemed to drag on and on. But now that we’ve had several days of full sun and non-stop 95-degree temperatures, I think it is safe to say that winter is truly finished here in New Jersey. And so! Some fresh fabric stacks! I do say, the one above wants to become something immediately.

This one is more compelling in person — I just love peach with pink and some Cadbury-creme-egg-centers. Mixed with a bit of gray, this one is flowers in a dark corner.

I apparently had my camera on a minuscule depth of field, sorry about that. This stack is a little more muted, but still so much like summer.

This one above, makes me think of Easter baskets, a tumble of Easter eggs. Too sweet?

I love these juicy colors, but it feels like something is off. Maybe the proportions of the colors — a project might rely more heavily on one or two of them.

I kind of want to wear this.

And here we still have a  lot of gold and coral, but with some genuine blues to take it in another direction.

I think I shall abandon all my plans and go make something I haven’t thought of yet!


One thought on “Enough Hibernation Already!

  1. Beautiful bundles! On the one you felt was ‘off’: I love it, but I would take out the bottom two prints and the white text print to see if you like it better. Are you planning a project for the top bundle? If so, I can’t wait to see it!

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