A Woodland Quilt

Hello friends! How have you been? I’ve had a couple quilts ready to share, although I’m not that happy with the photos I’ve got. It’s all about the light, and sometimes you have to take what you get. This one was a gift for a friend, and I grabbed these photos with my iPhone just before handing it off. I was visiting my parents in west Michigan, and sometimes that area goes for days and weeks without seeing the sun…and so it did, just to remind me. Seeing the sun in winter over there is always a cause for great celebration and rejoicing.  

My friend asked for log cabin style…bears…earth tones…and when I said I didn’t have any fabric like that (it’s use what you have!), we eventually got to this: woodland style. I had a bundle of Rae Ritchie Foxtail Forest fabric on hand, and my mom had another bundle of Rae Ritchie Trail Mix fabric, which she gave to the cause. There are some really cute woodland and camping prints in there, mostly small scale. (Although they are different from my usual color preferences, I must confess I do like all Rae Ritchie prints, especially the ones featuring the magic of the forest…currently crushing on this one).

It’s just simple patchwork…of rectangles…for added interest over the usual square patchwork. Ok fine, it was because of a cutting mistake early on, but I decided to embrace it and not waste fabric. I also added a row of flying geese. I used a Bloc Loc flying geese ruler, and I thought it was a really successful way to get all the points on the geese (although I didn’t like the cutting instructions that came with the ruler — one goose at a time — I didn’t have the excess fabric time brain power to experiment with other ways of cutting paired with the ruler). 

Hello cute raccoons and foxes! And a plaid binding!

I especially love the backing, the very subtle woodland creatures print, Menagerie, by Sarah Watson. I have been hoarding this one a long time, and was happy to have the perfect use for it. It’s hard to photograph though (use the link to get a better view). 

My friend said she loved it!

Postcard from (Snowy) Sweden

The first time I saw JeliQuilt’s ‘Postcard from Sweden’ quilt (free pattern download at jeliquilts’ Craftsy shop), I knew I needed one of them living with me.  All the color!

I finished this one late last year, but was waiting for a nice snowy day to get some pictures. The contrast is a lot of fun!

We had a week of wintery weather in February (which was not a lot, but enough for me). I took the quilt outside just after the snow stopped falling — but the wind was still so strong!

Since this quilt is all about color placement, picking up a Kona cotton quilt kit is a great option (I got mine at Stash Fabrics, but they also have them at Craftsy, as well as other places outside the U.S.). Although I often don’t enjoy using quilt kits, I loved making this one. I felt happy just seeing all the colors come together under the sewing machine.

I finished the top last August while on vacation in Michigan. I echo quilted along both sides of the seams. The backing is a fun popcorn fabric from Cotton + Steel. I was imagining using this in the summer while watching outdoor movies!

I think I made a couple color placement mistakes, but I don’t mind at all. It’s a happy quilt.

The Winner!

Thanks to each of you who left a comment on my blogiversary post! I appreciate all your kind words, and it is good to know that you are out there! And now—

Chosen at random by random.org, the winner of the Marmalade charm packs is Nancy Ridder! Congrats Nancy! I’ve sent you an email.


I have a couple of quilts ready to share, but I’m looking for a place to take some pictures. Outside is not pretty right now — muddy and gray, that’s all. In the meantime, I’m working away, trying to finish some other things before the end of January.