Picnic Set


After making fun fabric stacks a while back, I wanted to use them to make something! Today, I’ve made a picnic set, including napkins and a silverware roll-up case. I’m not sure if this is something anyone needs, I mean, after all, you could just put your silverware in a plastic bag and call it good. But it seems like I needed one.


I got these utensils at Crate and Barrel a summer or two ago, and they are my designated picnic silverware. (I only got the forks and knives, because the spoons were way too big, like serving spoons.) Anyway, they are quite long, and I thought they would do well rolled up nice and cozy on the way to summer picnics.

USA_7789I quilted the roll-up with randomly spaced crosshatching, diagonal and vertical. This type of quilting on a small project is so. much. fun. My favorite.

USA_7787It folds over at the top to keep everything in place.

USA_7790And ties with a ribbon. I thought to use the red binding fabric as ties, but I only had a small piece on hand. I think this works.

And fabric napkins to match. For these, I used a tutorial at Purl Soho (which, I guess you could say is our local quilt shop, but I mostly use their online resources — so many goodies), which involves simple mitered corners. It’s almost like magic. Not all of mine are perfect, but I was not being too precise, and I’m happy enough.

I love, love this Cotton + Steel silverware print. This color is just so pretty. I think this print is what influenced my subconscious to need to make this picnic set in the first place.

The gingham is the Bonnie and Camille’s Vintage Picnic collection. It is a fairly recent release, but it is sold out all over the place. This is because it is the perfect aqua. The one I used for the napkins is actually a piece of their accompanying 108″ wideback fabric. I was annoyed that it was slightly greener than the regular width version of the same (and then I was annoyed that I was annoyed about something like that, but…you know how it is). The wideback is also mighty hard to track down.

The napkins are approximately 17 inches square, and I say approximately because in wrangling the giant piece of wideback, I may have hacked it up just the tiniest bit. I’d like them bigger, but this size makes it easy to make one out of a fat quarter or half yard cut.

USA_7799Now I just need a nice picnic basket to go with it, and we’re off! Happy summer friends!

Finish-a-long Quarter 3 Goals

Hello! Just popping in with a quick list today. I have something new to share next week. But first the FAL.

The finish-a-long’s second quarter was fairly productive, and now it is time to list the things that need to be finished in the next few months.

A few things are rolling over from last quarter:

  1. Bear Paw Quilt


2. Quilty Christmas Quilt


3. Quilt for a friend


And I’m adding a couple new things:

4. Fox Quilt (for the boy)


5. A Birthday Quilt (for the girl)


6. Pixie Baskets (simple project, but why haven’t I finished them??)


7. Big Stripe Quilt (a mess of strips now)


That should do it.

I don’t know why, but making this list makes me want to start something new…

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Starry Red Quilt – Finally Finished

I’ve finished my parents’ Christmas present…for 2013. I think. Possibly earlier. Anyway.USA_7734

This is also the last finish on my FAL Q2 list. Yay!


This is a big quilt, finishing at about 78″ by 86″. (As you can see, we had trouble holding it up for a photo.) It is different putting a big quilt through the machine for quilting. I’ve got some work to do in getting used to these big ones. Or possibly I will stick to baby quilts. We’ll see.USA_7737

Notice there is no pink here. This fabric is by French General, who specialize in French reproductions. The pattern, Lumiere de Noel, is also by French General. This style and fabric are different from what I usually use, but I like it more now that it is finished. I also thought the flower motif on the backing was especially sweet (and, hey, the thread I used blends in perfectly!).

Next time I make my parents a quilt, it is going to be pink. Or turquoise. Or rainbow. Look forward to it!


The other things I finished this quarter were:

the pink chick quilt,


the sea creatures baby quilt,


the quilty fun quilt,


¬†and the runaround bags. You’ve seen them all already.


So. that’s 5 out of 8 items completed. Better than last quarter’s 1 of 4, right?

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