Woodland Clearing Lawn Quilt

Sunshine, flowers, and something quilty…a nice way to spend a day.

This quilt features Woodland Clearing lawn by Liesl of Oliver+S. The pattern is Tango by Cluck Cluck Sew. I was looking for patterns that would use up as much of a fat quarter bundle as possible, and wouldn’t require me to buy any sashing or background fabric. This fit the bill, and is easy too.

These fabrics are lawn, often used for apparel, but let me just say — they are so yummy quilted. I want to wear them in their quilted form. The texture is amazing.

I gave this quilt to my mother-in-law for her 70th birthday. She lives in Taiwan, where it’s hot much of the year, but this one is lightweight and super cozy, so hopefully she can use it in the cooler months.

My last few quilts have turned out rather traditional-looking. I’m in the mood for something modern and graphic next. Or at least soon. I have a stack of AMH voile I’ve been hoarding over the years, and making this lawn quilt made me think that voile quilt has to be next.

Quilt + Flowers

It’s a quilty finish! 

Actually this quilt was finished in January, but I wanted to wait to photograph it with some spring daffodils. Middle of March (was it?), the daffodils were nearly in bloom when a foot of snow and a layer of ice fell on them. It was cold and the snow stayed around a while. A month later, the daffodils finally bloomed – less than half of them survived. The magnolia tree didn’t blossom at all.

I snapped a few pictures, but they didn’t really turn out that well. So we have a few more around the yard with other spring blossoms.

It’s a bunch of colorful, cheery strips of fabric and a big piece of linen. The quilting is wavy lines.

I do like the colorful bit, but not so much the linen. 

A pretty bird fabric I’d stashed made up the backing. 

Enough Hibernation Already!

Most winters, I feel a little like hibernating, but this year, I think I actually did hibernate. Am I in fact a quilty chipmunk or a turtle? Hmm. And what a long hibernation it was. The winter seemed to drag on and on. But now that we’ve had several days of full sun and non-stop 95-degree temperatures, I think it is safe to say that winter is truly finished here in New Jersey. And so! Some fresh fabric stacks! I do say, the one above wants to become something immediately.

This one is more compelling in person — I just love peach with pink and some Cadbury-creme-egg-centers. Mixed with a bit of gray, this one is flowers in a dark corner.

I apparently had my camera on a minuscule depth of field, sorry about that. This stack is a little more muted, but still so much like summer.

This one above, makes me think of Easter baskets, a tumble of Easter eggs. Too sweet?

I love these juicy colors, but it feels like something is off. Maybe the proportions of the colors — a project might rely more heavily on one or two of them.

I kind of want to wear this.

And here we still have a  lot of gold and coral, but with some genuine blues to take it in another direction.

I think I shall abandon all my plans and go make something I haven’t thought of yet!